About - The Arabesque


The arabesque is an art form and technique widely employed in the medieval Islamic world. Artists who created arabesques used a variety of lines, scrolls, vines, and leaf designs repeated in a rhythmic pattern to create beautiful works of art which covered the surfaces of architectural features such as walls and domes, and artistic objects of all kinds. This art extended in more abstract patterns in which animals and Arabic calligraphy also became part of the repertoire. In 2015, Ali Alibhai and Tasneem Attar started this new venture, The Arabesque, to reimagine, redesign, and rediscover the beauty of medieval and old world art, and especially Islamic art. Together they design and create interesting historically rich decor objects that are one-of-a-kind and bring with them a little piece of history. The Arabesque has evolved from a mix of their vast experiences, worldwide travel, knowledge, and love and passion for history and art. All designs and decor items on this website are designed and handmade by The Arabesque in their workshop located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The apparel and clothing are designed by The Arabesque team as well and are manufactured with the help of external services. Let The Arabesque find you and unleash your passion for history, art, and culture. Our eclectic designs will allow you travel to places far and beyond. Come join us on our journey. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email us info [!at] thearabesque.com. Also check out our shop on Amazon at bit.ly/thearabesque and Etsy at www.thearabesque.etsy.com.

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